With Pravin Nayer

Come and join Pravin and the team at Castle Farm for a lip-smacking South-Indian-inspired feast! Pravin will be cooking up a storm from locally sourced vegetables & tofu to create fragrant curries, tantalising side dishes, wholesome chapattis & tangy chutneys, all made using his Grandmother's age-old recipes.
 So come and cosy up in the barn with us this November, bring your family & close friends and join us for an evening of incredible home cooked food. 

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We will be serving up big sharing platters for each course, inspired by our love of good food & sharing it with the ones you love. Why not join us and meet new people, join your family & friends and have an evening of South Indian inspiration, breath-taking views and heat-felt food, in our Castle Farm Barn. All food will be vegetarian/vegan – please let us know if you have any dietary requirements and will make sure we can cater for you.

Pravin has a Michelin background from some top restaurants in Sweden, and has won many awards for his cooking. He is currently Head Chef at The Talbot Inn in Mells, and we are lucky enough to have nabbed him to come and do some Pop Up's for us at the Cafe! 

His food is divine. This is an event not to be missed!!

Date: Saturday 11th November
Time: 6.45pm - 10.30pm
Cost: £35.00
Venue: Castle Farm Cafe, Midford Road, Midford, Bath, BA2 7BU

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An Evening of Cooking & Nutirtion for Women Affected by Cancer

Come and join Laura and her Team for an inspiring evening of cooking demonstrations, tasting, recipes and more... all jam packed full of nutrients to boost your immune system whilst having Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.
Eat, Move, Glow is a cancer toolbox for women affected by cancer. Their vision is that everyone is supported and empowered with specific tools to aid their cancer recovery.


The mission for any cancer survivor is to live as healthy and active a life as possible for as long as possible. Eat, Move Glow provides informal networking where people can share ideas and get the information they need to empower themselves in their fight against cancer. 

Our nutrition workshop here at Castle Farm Cafe will introduce different aspects of nutrition to help during and after treatment, to aid survivors in leading a healthy life. This will involve making nutritional snacks, energy balls and creating different juices or smoothies. Discussing what other alternative ideas you can add to your diet to aid your recovery after chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. We will be inviting a local guest nutritionist to demonstrate and share practical examples on the evening.

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Date: Thursday 16th November
Time: 6.45pm - 9.00pm
Cost: £22.00
Venue: Castle Farm Cafe, Midford Road, Midford, Bath, BA2 7BU



With Health Coach - Claire Ingram

This workshop with Claire is about how to stay balanced in the chaos of December and all that Christmas brings. We are expected to do and be so much during the Christmas period that it often feels overwhelming and out of control. It’s easy to loose that sense of joy that we are searching for and feel that we should be experiencing. Come and find out some ways to keep yourself on track during this busy time. We’ll be cooking up some speedy winter warmers that could feed a crowd but more importantly will nourish and celebrate YOU!


The busy time ahead, how wellness and balance is achieved.
Planning ahead and daily practice.
Responding when you have overdone things.
Not beating yourself up. Pacing yourself. Cancelling if you need to!
Not taking on too much.
Avoiding processed foods and things that will zap your energy.
Getting real food onto your plate at this time.
Realising that less is MORE!
Cookery demonstration on a crowd pleasing winter warmer and something for YOU.

Date: Thursday 30th November
Time: 6.45pm - 9.00pm
Cost: £35.00
Venue: Castle Farm Cafe, Midford Road, Midford, Bath, BA2 7BU


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